Why laser tube is not out of light?

Laser cutting machine laser tube appear no light, there are usually three kinds, one is the sudden no light, one is used with a laser tube of light weaker and weaker, the last one is to start using everything is normal, the next day Boot no light. On the above three cases caused by the laser tube does not light, its specific reasons described in detail below:

First of all: about no light reasons. Check the laser water circulation situation, see the outlet of the pipe is water, (if the outlet pipe water is normal, then ask a customer, from the boot to now how long it took (please be sure to answer the truth, otherwise will Affect the correct judgments), if the customer said it took more than one morning or more than two hours, then please check the first carbon dioxide laser tube outermost water, if there is water, it is because the water temperature is too high and Lead to the laser tube exploded (for customer reasons).

If there is no water outside the laser tube, then we check the laser power, the laser power has a red button, click to see if the light, if the light, indicating that water protection device may be fault, then we please Customer first check the water protection outlet is clogged, and then clean water protection, preferably washed with water (we create a laser water protection in the machine inside the outlet pipe is a black plastic cylinder with two black signal line ). At this time we should pay attention to water inlet and outlet protection, absolutely can not get it back, otherwise it will damage the laser tube. The second option is to short-circuit the PG on the blue laser power supply (connected by a wire). At this time, however, you should check the water circulation and the water protection does not work to prevent the laser tube from being damaged. If you still not light, it shows that the laser power is broken, find a manufacturer to replace.

Second: on the use of the laser tube with the light weaker and weaker. Check the water cycle laser machine, if the water does not cycle, turn off the power after the check pump or chiller plug, etc. are inserted. Check the laser cutting machine ammeter is normal, if the normal laser tube may be the problem, find a manufacturer to replace or repair, if the ammeter is not normal laser power supply problems, find a manufacturer replacement or repair.

Finally: start using everything is normal, and then no light on the next boot. Check the laser cutting machine water cycle, whether the normal water. Check the laser cutting machine ammeter, press the “light” to see if the ammeter pointer hit, if it is below 5 mA, indicating that the power is broken, find a manufacturer to replace or repair. If the ammeter does not move, check our laser switch has not been turned on, if you open the laser power indicator to see if there is no light, press the button on the laser power button to see the current hand pointer, such as the pointer moves and less than 5 mA, the laser power is broken, or the maximum light intensity in the software and minimum light intensity to 50%, then press to see the ammeter pointer to 10-12 mA, if it is not reached is the laser power or Motherboard problems.

If the power meter pointer indicates normal laser tube is checked if there is light, if there is light in the tube, but the light is out of the laser tube damage. Check the method is to take the adhesive tape on the first mirror point out the light to see if the adhesive tape has been burned traces of light, if there is no description of the laser tube does not work, find manufacturers to replace.