The ministry of defence is spending £30m on research into dragon-fire laser weapons

According to foreign media reports, the British ministry of defense is spending 130 million pounds on future weapons, and 30 million pounds has been invested in developing Dragonfire laser weapons. It is described as a lasaer pointer weapon suitable for warships, used to shoot down drones and fast attack boats, and will be on public display later this year.

Laser weapons and radiofrequency weapons being developed in the UK are powered by electricity and will no longer use physical ammunition, the report said. Industry and scientists are developing three “directed energy weapons” for warships, aircraft, helicopters and armoured vehicles. The new weapon systems are expected to be tested on royal navy ships and army vehicles in 2023. The mod will study the efficiency of the new weapons and how they fit into existing ships, helicopters and vehicles. If successful, they could serve in frontline units within a decade.

The laser weapon could be mounted on a ship, firing high-energy beams to target and destroy enemy drones and missiles. The other, mounted on helicopters, is designed to jam and disable enemy computers and electronics. The new weapon is different from the dragon fire laser weapon that has been developed. The new weapon, which combines multiple laser beams, is more powerful than the dragon fire and can withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.