The world’s first successful application of laser welding of steel piston

On September 19, the 67th hannover international commercial auto show, China liberation faw car co., LTD., wuxi diesel engine factory well-known auto parts manufacturers wood (tin) and Germany mahle company jointly announced the mahler laser welding steel piston products in tin firewood Mr Wei 6 dm3 engine, the first match, this is the world’s first the successful application of laser welding steel piston.

According to the introduction, mahler laser welding steel piston will make the sichai aowei 6DM3 engine have stronger power, lighter weight, lower fuel consumption and longer oil change cycle, marking the sichai aowei engine, in the application of new technology, has entered the forefront of the world; It marks that the Chinese engine represented by sichai aowei has entered the world engine first camp.

Both parties agree that the excellent performance of mahler laser pointer welding steel piston is highly compatible with the product characteristics of “fuel saving, safety and reliability” of xizhai aowei.

Xichai will apply the experience of this cooperation to more leading technical cooperation. Based on the existing laser welding technology and the technology of thick film DLC piston ring, xichai will further optimize the friction power consumption and carbon dioxide emission reduction.