Fusion Product Laser Pointer Becomes The Market Leader

As we mentioned in the previous article, the current projector products are not the final form, and they are bound to merge. The most representative fusion product of today’s home projectors is the laser TV, which combines all the advantages of the current projection. Benefiting from the high brightness of the laser, coupled with the professional anti-light curtain buck, let the machine get rid of the ills of seeing light, the application of ultra-short-focus technology makes the machine more flexible; the embedded system of intelligent system meets the viewing habits of today’s users. From the perspective of volume and various attribute parameters, if you want to classify laser TVs, it should belong to the category of traditional households.

At present, the laser pointer in the market is mainly dominated by monochromatic laser and two-color laser. The two-color laser is mostly matched with 4K ultra-high definition resolution, and only appears in a few middle and high-end products. In 2018, the three-color laser TV has officially debuted, and the actual picture is amazing. I always talk about it. If one day I say that there is a type of projection that can be used for a longer period of time, then non-laser TV is a must.

Intelligent micro-investment is the same as traditional household products, but there is still a big difference in the user population. The former is more like a pioneer, leading consumers to understand projections and understanding projections. It is a powerful tool for projecting the door of home users, and it has a huge impetus to the overall market popularity. Therefore, traditional households will not be cool and cool due to smart micro-investment sales, and it is actually the biggest beneficiary. Because after the user experiences the initial experience and gradually turns to the middle and high end, the traditional home is undoubtedly an excellent choice for upgrading.