Using Standard Laser Vibration Sensor

The integrated laser vibration sensor module can be applied to large-scale industrial production lines in the form of a standard sensor module on a low-cost basis. Figure 4 shows a typical sensor design. The miniaturized module is equipped with a fixed or manually adjustable lens. All the measured raw data are directly processed in the module and the measurement results are transmitted to the main industrial control through a standard Ethernet interface. On the machine, multiple sensors can also be directly networked through the Ethernet switch.

These modular vibration sensors can be installed on mobile phone production lines to perform online testing of the vibration performance of the mobile phone (such as the quality of the ringing vibration motor or the quality of the sound function of the mobile phone screen). Whether it is a laser pointer vibration sensor module or an assembled sensor module, because its basic vibration measurement performance has reached the standard of ordinary equipment, it can also provide customers with low-cost, high-performance special vibration measurement equipment through customized designs.

Two typical customized solutions are shown. Adopt standard laser vibration sensor and cooperate with high-speed galvanometer module to realize a multi-function laser vibration meter with scanning function; 2) A multi-channel vibration measurement system with up to 32 channels combined with fiber optic modules , Each measurement channel has its own independent optical fiber-connected vibration measuring head, which is small in size and convenient and flexible to configure the installation position, especially suitable for complex multi-channel, multi-angle, and multi-measurement point applications.

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In addition, the laser vibration sensor of Sensitive Sensing also integrates the function of absolute distance measurement, which can repeatedly provide distance information without interruption under the condition of high-precision vibration measurement. In general, the laser vibration sensor developed by Zhizhiguangzi has achieved a leap from traditional high-end equipment to large-scale applications through leading integrated optical technology and signal processing technology. Considering the huge demand and output of consumer electronic products, especially mobile phone/tablet computer products.

The current applications will be mainly oriented to large-scale applications of consumer electronics automated production lines, including the current semi-automated production lines and fully automated production lines that are being upgraded, focusing on various sensors such as production process control and quality inspection. Application scenarios. At the same time, in civil engineering and other related fields, miniaturized and low-cost green laser pointer vibration sensors will gradually get rid of the application mode of instrument spot checks and become permanent preset components.