Deep ultraviolet laser pointer light source as excitation light source

The project “Development of a near-atmospheric light emission electron microscope based on a tunable deep ultraviolet laser pointer light source” successfully passed the field test and acceptance. A few days ago, the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Academy of Sciences issued a paper stating that the national major scientific research equipment undertaken by researcher Fu Qiang and academician Bao Xinhe Research and development project “Deep ultraviolet solid-state laser source frontier equipment research and development project.

The development of a near-atmospheric light emission electron microscope based on a tunable deep-ultraviolet laser light source” successfully passed the on-site technical test and acceptance hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Condition Assurance and Finance Bureau. This project uses a tunable deep-ultraviolet laser light source independently developed by my country as the excitation light source. Through the new design of hierarchical photoelectron acceleration voltage and multi-stage vacuum differential pumping, PEEM imaging under near normal pressure conditions is realized.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

The project leader, the researcher, made the project status report and the field test outline report, the cooperating unit Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Zhang Shenjin made the “175-210 nm wide-tuning deep ultraviolet all-solid-state laser source” project situation report and test outline report, and the test expert group leader Qiu Xiaohui The researcher reports on the on-site test results. After more than one day of on-site testing, all the technical indicators have reached the indicators specified in the project mission statement, and the scheduled development tasks have been fully completed. The test and acceptance expert group unanimously agreed to pass the test and acceptance.

This project is the second phase of research based on the successful completion of the “Development of Deep Ultraviolet green laser pointer Light Emission Electron Microscope”, which is the advanced equipment development project for deep ultraviolet solid-state laser sources. The tunable deep ultraviolet laser light source is further applied to the PEEM system. And develop key components such as multi-stage accelerated electron optical system, multi-stage differential vacuum system, near-atmospheric sample chamber, etc., for the first time in the world to realize the deep ultraviolet laser PEEM imaging function under near-atmospheric atmosphere, the highest imaging pressure is above 1 mbar, near Atmospheric PEEM has a resolution of 30 nm and is a world-leading and unique in-situ dynamic surface imaging research platform.

The test and acceptance team is composed of experts from the National Nano Center, the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Optoelectronics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Jiaotong University and other institutions. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Condition Assurance and Finance Bureau, the Deep Ultraviolet Project General Department, and the Deep Ultraviolet Project Supervision Department Relevant personnel from the functional departments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics and Chemistry and the Dalian Institute of Chemistry and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the test acceptance meeting.