Anti-satellite laser technology

Whenever you need a laser pointer, you should make more preparations, learn more basic knowledge, and then make a decision. People can always find satisfactory Laser pointer from reliable equipment at reasonable prices. Laser technology is actually a very broad concept. For example, the directional energy anti-riot rejection system that has appeared many times at the police equipment exhibition in recent years is actually a microwave weapon. The low-energy beam used in this system can make people feel hot and painful. But it will not cause permanent damage, just like a small laser dazzling weapon, it is very limited in real war. Another way is to place a light slit film on the head of the laser pointer, which can be directly hit on the object. Because the laser focus has a strong energy, it will have a certain effect as long as it is not very strong outdoors, similar to the daytime. Although the traffic lights are weaker than in the dark, they still have visibility.

The future war will be a war for the right to control information. The emergence of high-energy laser weapons can achieve large-scale hard damage to local electromagnetic information systems, and its effect is not inferior to real ammunition. Therefore, the early development of high-power microwave weapons is of great significance. In addition, choosing a real laser pointer from a variety of available laser gadgets should be an important point for laser people. With the gradual maturity of laser diode technology, a large number of green laser pointers have flooded the market. At the same time, the low price makes it difficult for many shoddy laser pointers to buy real lasers in the market. How to distinguish a real laser from a sloppy laser? Everything that does not represent the price. A reliable and reputable supplier is always the right choice for laser enthusiasts and enthusiasts. As long as a simple laser pointer is used, the AI ​​model can no longer be effective. In this research, they designed an algorithm that can simulate light beams to “attack” the AI ​​model. This test method has also been verified in the real world, and the “attack” is extremely easy to operate. Vision systems are more threatening, such as autonomous driving based on AI vision.