Point at the moon with a laser pointer, will the moon change color?

The laser pen can lightly illuminate walls and ceilings and leaves bright “small spots”. How far can it shine? Can it shine on the moon? Take the commonly used pen laser pen as an example. Its power is around five MW (0.005 w). At a distance of 100 meters, the laser light source looks like a 100 watt lightbulb, which is very dazzling at a distance of 0.91 meters; further away if you put its light in a clear sky at an altitude Observed from 12000 meters, the light spot of the laser pen will be as bright as the moon. For safety reasons, the power of the civil laser is usually very low (usually no more than one watt), while the power of military laser weapons is much higher. Military laser weapons are very powerful, but because of their military use, most of them are installed on combat aircraft or stand-alone devices. The total power of single or multiple laser weapons i St far from illuminating the moon. Currently, the most advanced calculation of the power of a military laser requires five billion devices to simultaneously emit light beams to shoot at the moon. No country in the world can afford such consumption. That is why the month “Zhao” and the month “Zhao” are completely different things. The laser pen can easily reach the moon, but the remaining spots of light are almost impossible for us to see.

Originally December 21, 2012 was possible, but because according to the Mayan calendar the earth would be destroyed on that day, we chose half an hour past midnight GMT on January 4, 2012. The power of a normal red laser pen is 5 MW. If the quality is good enough, the laser can hit the moon all the way. Of course, when it reaches the moon, the light will be scattered a lot. The earth’s atmosphere also affects light rays, but most of the light can reach the moon. The bar can be as big as the circle in the picture. If an ordinary Laser pointer is used, to illuminate the moon and remove atmospheric barriers, the light emitted can still reach the surface of the moon, but the light will be scattered in a huge area to form a huge and cloudy “point” that human eyes cannot see. At present, laser weapons have attracted a great deal of attention because of their flexibility, portability, safety, high efficiency, and low cost, and they are considered to be one of the key technologies on the future battlefield.