What is the principle of a mobile phone with a laser pointer function?

Pairs of towers are installed.At one end of the laser rod described above, the cross section corresponding to the specified mobile interface is lighter at the other end.With cell phones, they can control the work with a laser pen; At the end of the support storage structure, there is a socket for inserting and storing the laser pencil.Lasers connected to cell phones by different new patents can be properly controlled; Small size, without extra battery, simple structure and easy to use.Cell phones and computers are now one of the most common applications in modern society; Be it work, life, study or rehabilitation, especially the cell phone you carry with you Lasers are used more and more in conferences and the teaching equipment is a very useful and effective tool.

Some salespeople in malls, doctors in showrooms, and teachers in classrooms now need additional laser bars, however employees have found it very unrealistic to carry both a cell phone and Laser pointer. .You need a communication device as well as a laser or electronic pin.A mobile phone with a laser timer function, including a light emitting diode for viewing the camera mouse, as well as its reflectors and reflectors, mounted on the cover of the relevant mobile phone and connected to that switch; Modify the wireless transmission module of the associated mouse optical element on the switch face of a designated handheld device; Specify the commands of the mouse to receive the objects that connect to the specified phone key, and the SM module to display the connection to the mouse pointer that generates the con Target nexion; The lamp wireless receiver module is located on a mouse pointer receiver connected to the mainframe of the computer by a second USB interface and a second USB interface.