The working principle and working method of laser pointer

The working principle of laser includes radio frequency control and receiver (USB interface). Driver installation is not required. The user can only control the receiver by clicking the corresponding RF key. In addition, the transmitter should not aim at a receiver that really reflects radio freedom.

Principle of red laser rod. Because a laser diode produces this wavelength, its structure is very simple. It is mainly a diode powered by a battery. The red laser pen appeared in the 1980s. It’s big and heavy and worth hundreds of dollars. It’s small and cheap. In recent years, the solid-state laser injected by diode has a wavelength of 671 nm, which is a red laser pen. Although this wavelength can be achieved by cheap diodes, DSS technology can produce higher quality and narrower frequency range lasers.The yellow laser pen appears on the market with a wavelength of 593.5 nm. According to DSS technology, 1064 nm and 1342 nm wavelength lasers are supplemented by nonlinear crystals. The temperature variation is 1 – 10 MW. If the weather is too hot or too cold, the regime will surge. This is because the size of the laser cannot provide the required temperature stability and cooling. In addition, most of the 593.5 nm laser boxes operate in pulse mode, using diodes for small size and power pumps.

Infrared lasers stimulate nonlinear frequency multiplication crystals by generating 1064nm infrared and 532nm green lights. Some green lasers pointerwork in pulse or quasi continuous mode. Green lasers do not need to double frequency and improve efficiency. Due to the dispersion of molecules in Raleigh’s atmosphere, you can see low green light at night. Astronomers often see this laser indicator. The green laser pointer can have a lot of output power. 5MW is the safest and can be seen in darker light, so no more power is needed to indicate the target.
Principle of blue laser pointer. Initially, only DSS produced 473 nm blue laser with low and unstable characteristics. With the development of hybrid projector of blue laser diode (445 nm), the large-scale production and propagation of blue semiconductor diode (type 4) has a power of more than 1000 MW.He uses a blue purple Laser pointer diode with a wavelength of 405 nm. This is a semiconductor laser. It is close to ultraviolet light and has low visibility, but it can emit fluorescence. Its function is to check banknotes and chemical control.