The World’s First Solid-state Doppler Lidar

In the road test, the Blackmore Doppler LiDAR system is capable of instantaneous speed measurements at long distances and high speeds, clearly identifying tens of thousands of pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Blackmore has created the world’s first green laser pointer Doppler lidar for automotive applications, which provides a safer, smarter, and more reliable instantaneous speed and performance than a conventional pulsed lidar.

The original data display of the Blackmore Doppler Lidar demonstrates the position and instantaneous movement of pedestrians on the crosswalk, which is critical for vehicle environmental perception and path planning.

Blackmore’s Instantaneous Doppler enhancement data enables safe cruising of autonomous vehicles, helping the vehicle to sense the surrounding environment with high reliability and low latency. The raw data is represented by a chromatogram from blue (near) to red (reverse), which reduces the delay of object segmentation and path formation, and ultimately avoids collisions.

Blackmore’s world’s first Doppler lidar for automotive applications with a maximum detection range of over 200m; speed measurement of +/- 150m/s, resolution of 0.2m/s

Blackmore, the world’s first automotive application Doppler lidar, recently announced that it has confirmed the actual scanning of its lidar system through actual road tests on busy highways in the US Gulf and crowded streets in San Francisco. And mapping performance exceeded expectations. This road test clearly demonstrates how Blackmore Doppler can provide safer, smarter and more reliable performance than traditional laser radar.