China’s Laser Pointer Industry Welcomes The Golden Decade

Laser technology is the fastest knife, the most accurate ruler, the market size exceeds tens of billions of dollars. Compared with traditional machining, laser processing has the advantages of high precision, high speed and small deformation, and it is widely used. In 2017, the global laser pointer market reached US$11.33 billion, an increase of 8.9% year-on-year. Laser applications are on the rise.

Laser processing has helped “Made in China 2025″, and China has ushered in a decade of laser gold. “Made in China 2025” has opened a “new chapter” in the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Innovative research on advanced manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent equipment is an important measure to promote China to become a manufacturing power. The CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment are listed as “ The strategic field of speeding up the breakthrough.” With the upgrade of China’s manufacturing, China’s demand for lasers will increase. The Chinese government is also actively introducing various measures to promote the development of the laser industry. In the future, it will usher in the golden decade of lasers.

Lasers are the core of laser pointer processing equipment, and their price reductions also catalyze the accelerated application of laser equipment. The laser processing equipment is mainly composed of a laser optical processing system, a mechanical transmission system, an electronic control system and an auxiliary system, wherein the laser occupies a central position in the entire industrial chain. Different laser characteristics are different, and downstream applications are not the same. Fiber lasers are expected to become the mainstream of development with excellent characteristics. At present, the laser is mainly monopolized by foreign manufacturers. China’s Wuhan Ruike and Chuangxin laser have successfully developed medium and high power fiber lasers, which greatly reduced the domestic sales price of such products, and further accelerated the application of laser processing equipment.

The application of laser equipment is flourishing and the development space is huge. Laser equipment has become an important processing tool in the field of intelligent manufacturing. The mobile phone manufacturing industry has also put forward higher requirements for products. About 70% of mobile phone processing and more than 20 different process manufacturing processes are applied to laser technology and related manufacturing equipment. In the processing of brittle materials, mainly focused on the cutting of full-screen panels, OLED processes, 3D glass processing. The pan-auto industry is a key area of ​​high-power laser processing, from power batteries to automotive bodies, and laser processing enhances vehicle robustness and safety. The advanced process steps of semiconductors are inseparable from laser processing, which has become a new demand for downstream industries.

Overseas manufacturers such as IPG, Coherent, and TRUMPF are the vane of the laser industry, and domestic high-quality manufacturers such as Han’s Laser, Huagong Technology, and Ruike Laser are on the rise. In the competitive landscape of the entire laser industry, the advantages of foreign manufacturers are still very obvious. TRUMPF is the absolute leader of the laser industry. IPG is leading the technology in the field of fiber laser pointers. Coherent is the leader in the panel ELA excimer laser retreat technology. They are the vane of the development of the laser industry. For China, although there is a certain gap in technology in mainland China, Han’s Laser has become the largest manufacturer of medium and high-power industrial laser processing equipment in Asia and the world’s top three. In the field of lasers, Ruike Laser has also broken through medium and high-rate products and is catching up.