Digitalization And Laser Pointer Processing Reshape Manufacturing

On June 26-30, the 14th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition was held in the new China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. It was the third largest international machine tool exhibition event after the German EMO and the US IMTS exhibition. With the theme of “innovation, intelligence, precision and professionalism”, the exhibition highlights the latest products and application solutions of the machine tool industry, as well as the integration of technologies such as industry 4.0, robotics and laser technology.

This exhibition brings together more than 1,000 exhibitors from well-known machine tool companies all over the world, including Mazak, Daxie, Trumpf, Siemens, Haas, Demagisen Seiki, Qinchuan Machine Tool, Han’s Laser, World-renowned companies such as Baichao and Huagong laser pointer have brought advanced products such as machine tools, tools and CNC systems.

The machine tool is the key technical equipment of “the mother of the country and the mother of industry”. It is also the key development area designated by the “Made in China 2025” action strategy. The progress of the machine tool industry will affect the process of high-end manufacturing. Driven by technological innovation, China’s machine tools have broken through the five-axis composite machining technology. Currently, they are integrating technologies such as robots, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and mobile internet, and are constantly upgrading to higher-end intelligent equipment.

In recent years, in the context of rising labor costs, smart manufacturing laser pointer has become a new direction of global manufacturing, coupled with the demand for personalized customization, creating a huge opportunity for new machine tools. The machine tool industry has been developing in the direction of digitalization, intelligence and specialization for many years. Then, what new technologies and solutions are there in this machine tool exhibition? The OFweek laser network Xiaobian takes everyone to the grand occasion of this exhibition.

The combination of industrial robots and machine tools has become an important direction. Robots help machine tools to load and unload, and enhance the flexibility of machine tool processing. At this exhibition, Guangzhou CNC exhibited an intelligent manufacturing solution for industrial robots, and multiple robots assisted each other in the manufacturing process of the workpiece.

As China’s leading CNC brand enterprise, Huazhong CNC brings the cloud cloud (INC cloud) service platform, which is a digital service platform for machine tools and CNC manufacturers. It can improve the efficiency of debugging machines, solve machine fault problems, and realize workshops. Networking, using big data analysis to create more possibilities for users.

Digital technology is bringing new changes to the machine tool industry. Siemens has exhibited digital machine tool system solutions and professional 3D tool path analysis software, which can improve the accuracy and feasibility of machine tool processing through 3D technology. In addition, Bosch Rexroth brings CNC sheet metal cutting system solutions. The system supports the industry 4.0 standard interface and supports multiple processes such as turning, milling, grinding and cutting.