Establish Laser Pointer Industry Specifications And Standards

“Laser TV is about to form a huge market and is rebuilding the upstream and downstream industry chain of the entire TV industry.” Recently, Chairman He Hou, Chairman of Hisense Group, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Asia, pointing out that the TV industry Coming to a new round of knockouts, Hisense will unswervingly develop laser pointer display and ULED technology, and achieve breakthroughs in AI TV’s voice and image recognition technology.

“From the perspective of the total population or the stage of urbanization, there is still huge room for growth in the TV market.” Zhou Houjian said that through continuous technological innovation, Hisense will continue to introduce differentiated products that users love, and achieve greater Market sales and higher market share.

“The focus of future big-screen competition is still on the quality of the picture. Hisense’s ‘home court’ is always on technology and product innovation.” Zhou Houjian said that a good trend is that more and more manufacturers put their energy and strength into technological progress. And product level improvement. Authoritative statistics show that Hisense TV, as the world’s largest screen TV leader, has an average TV shipment size that exceeds Samsung and Sony, ranking first in the world.

As the main direction of TV development in the future, the standardization of laser TV is particularly important. In the development of the laser TV route, Hisense participated in the drafting of laser TV technical specifications, allowing more manufacturers to join the laser TV industry and bring more benefits to users.

As the drafting unit of “Technical Specifications for Laser TVs”, Hisense Laser TV has passed the test of relevant testing departments, and its main performance in brightness, color gamut and sharpness is outstanding. The main image quality indicators and sound performance indicators and LCD TVs Performance is comparable, color gamut indicators are higher than mainstream LCD TV products.

From the core advantages, the color gamut of the laser pointer TV is higher. Hisense’s two-color laser TV color gamut far exceeds that of ordinary LCD TVs, and it also overcomes a series of technical problems such as resolution and single light source. At the same time, the laser TV display is very similar to the imaging method of natural objects. It will not be tired after a long time, which has become a major advantage of laser TV. In addition, compared to the traditional large-screen LCD TV, the laser TV is quite energy-saving – 100 吋 (1 inch = 2.54 cm) laser TV, the power consumption of the whole machine is only 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the same size LCD TV.