Easily Respond to Industry Needs Green Laser Pointer

Canon iC MF525dw, iC MF426dw, iC MF423dw3 laser integrated machine adopts “one-way double-sided scanning” system, which can read both sides of the original at the same time. Compared with the previous generation, the scanning speed is increased by about 70% and the maximum speed is up to 70. .5ipm. By using the “PDF High Compression” function, it is also possible to ensure the high quality of scanned documents and photos without increasing the size of the document, and fully satisfy the user’s demand for high-speed, high-quality scanning and copying.

One-way double-sided scanning, in principle, uses two sets of scanning lenses to simultaneously scan both sides of the paper from top to bottom, which is equivalent to directly increasing the hardware cost of the scanning component of the printer. At that time, we have to look at how the three new laser printing products are priced.

Taking into account the diverse scanning needs of different green laser pointer users, the three new products also support multiple paper size original scanning, which is convenient for industry users to scan various types such as A5, A6 size receipts, notes, prescriptions, order forms, etc. file. At the same time, the new product also adds A5 horizontal scanning. After scanning, the document can be directly output horizontally, which is more in line with the user’s reading habits and further improve work efficiency. In addition, after the user performs the scanning operation, the text of the paper document can be converted into a searchable PDF format, and the electronic file archiving can be completed, thereby providing more convenience for finding relevant information later.

The 6 products adopt a more compact body design, the iC MF525dw is about 5.5% smaller than the previous generation, and the other 5 products are reduced by about 17%, especially the height reduction of the 6 models. Industry users such as bank ATM cabinets and other special application needs.

Daily operation and maintenance are also important considerations for companies to purchase office equipment. In order to simplify the user’s daily operation steps, the capacity of the six new products has been improved. Each optional carton maintains its original volume unchanged, with a capacity increase of 50 pages/box, reaching 550 pages/box. Taking the iC MF525dw as an example, the maximum capacity can be up to 2,300 pages when 3 cartons are selected, which reduces the inconvenience of manually adding paper.

The new product uses a new toner: MS toner to ensure higher quality printing results. The MS toner contains a shell, a green laser pointer polymer and a wax three-layer structure. The hard shell helps the toner to resist the impact generated during exercise and maintain the stability of the toner quality. Polymers containing wax can melt quickly at low temperatures, saving energy and printing faster.

In addition, by reducing the size of the main parts and increasing the toner capacity, the print volume of a single toner cartridge is greatly improved. Taking the toner cartridge CRG 052H as an example, the print volume has increased from 6,400 pages to 9,200 pages in the previous generation, an increase of about 40%, which not only reduces the frequency of toner cartridge replacement, but also reduces the cost of printing.