Handheld Advanced Green Laser Pointer Application

In this survey, the most noticeable is the mysterious instrument held by the surveyor. This instrument is called a handheld three-dimensional laser scanner and is a new type of surveying and mapping “weapon” of the Jinan Surveying Institute. In addition, in addition to the green laser pointer instrument held by each person, in the open-air river, there are also several white balls held by tripods. These balls are called target balls and are used for positioning.

“After on-site surveys, the terrain of the river is complicated, the communication is difficult, and the signals cannot be transmitted. Therefore, conventional measurement methods cannot be used. In order to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement project, the Pipeline Surveying and Mapping Branch adopted the handheld 3D laser scanner for the first time. Say.

Compared with the traditional single-point measurement, the 3D green laser pointer scanning technology is also known as a revolutionary technological breakthrough that evolved from single-point measurement to planar measurement. Through the hand-held three-dimensional laser scanner for panoramic scanning of the shed cover river channel, the point information of the river wall and various pipelines can be obtained. Complicated calculation of the measured data can get the relative position information of the river and the pipeline.

The application of this advanced technology green laser pointer has greatly shortened the field work time and enabled some unfinished surveying and mapping work to be carried out smoothly. “Through the work mode of field and industry, the pipeline is converted into digital information and stored in the computer. The data can be processed using related software to obtain the coordinate information of the pipeline, accurately determine the location of the pipeline, and take engineering measures in the next step. Sewage outlets are renovated, and sewage is no longer discharged directly into the river to achieve a long stream of clean water in the river.

Yangtouyu Xigou is a microcosm of this year’s shed cover river survey project. It is understood that in order to achieve clear blue water, it is necessary to carry out aquatic ecological transformation on Yangtouyu Reservoir, Quanfu River, Zhongjing Gully, Hancang River Jingshi Road and Tourist Road Node, implement water diversion and replenishment or use the current upstream water source, and regulate the reservoir and river Ecological shoreline, landscape enhancement of the bridgehead nodes, installation of hydrophilic trails, platforms and other facilities, green laser pointers to improve the regional ecological environment and urban landscape. According to the requirements of the relevant departments, the Ji’nan Surveying and Mapping Pipeline Surveying and Mapping Branch successively conducted river surveys on the Yangtiaoyu Xigou shed cover section and the sewage channel in the northeast corner of the Yanshan Campus of Shandong University of Finance and Economics.

At present, most of the rivers in the urban area have both rainwater and sewage. Shao Shicheng said that after the surveying and mapping are completed, the sewage outlets and sewage pipes will be treated according to the surveying and mapping data, and a unified sewage pipe will be introduced for drainage, and then clean water will be introduced to create a clean and tidy river landscape.