How to Detect The Welding Strength Of Laser-welded Diamond Saw Blades?

For diamond saw blades welded by laser pointer, the parameters of appearance, microstructure and welding strength need to be tested. The appearance inspection mainly detects whether there are welding macro defects such as hole cracks, undercuts and under-welding, etc. 100% inspection is usually required. The apparent structure inspection mainly detects the change of the chemical composition, apparent structure and phase structure of the welded part. Studies have shown that the gradient of the fine chemical composition of the melting zone tissues appears, and the hardness of the transition layer is lower than that of the matrix and higher than that of the cutter head, showing a gradient change.

Welding strength testing mainly detects the tensile strength, bending strength, impact toughness and residual stress of weldments. 100% welding strength testing is usually required, and different special testing tools have been developed at home and abroad, such as the German SPE623 welding strength The testing machine and the torque wrench in China currently do not involve the detection of the residual stress of the weldment, and the size and distribution of the residual stress after welding seriously affect the service life of the diamond saw blade.

At present, there are still some problems in the process of laser welding diamond saw blades, which requires us to conduct further research, research on the formulation of the special laser welding diamond saw blade carcass or transition layer material, research on new ultra-fine or nano-prealloyed powder, Carry out research on the mechanism of laser welding diamond saw blades, especially research on temperature field, flow field, mass field and stress field in the process of laser welding diamond saw blades and on-line quality monitoring technology of laser welding diamond saw blades.

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In fact, only by fully understanding the mechanism of laser welding of diamond saw blades can new online quality monitoring technologies be developed accordingly; only by mastering the theory of pre-alloy powders can new ultra-fine or nano-pre-alloy powders be developed and Better use of new ultra-fine or nano-pre-alloy powder to develop special diamond saw blades.

As a new type of light source, semiconductor laser has extremely broad application prospects in many processing fields. Its advantages of compact structure, good beam quality, long life and stable performance are favored. It is mainly used as a pump source for fiber lasers and a solid laser pump source. It can also be directly used in laser medical treatment, material processing such as cladding, welding, etc. . At present, the development of semiconductor lasers in the entire laser field is relatively fast. There are many expandable directions for semiconductor lasers, and there is a lot of room for expansion in power, wavelength, and working methods.

The rich characteristics of semiconductor lasers also make their applications more extensive than other types of lasers. In addition to pumped solids and optical fiber green laser pointer, they are also directly used in many fields such as optical communications, material processing, and medical treatment. Continuous expansion, such as lidar, laser display, sensing, etc., which have attracted people’s attention in recent years, and new applications are also emerging.