Researchers Use Laser Pointer To Create Bubbles to Create 3D Images

Researchers have developed a brand new display that creates a three-dimensional image by using a laser pointer to form tiny bubbles in the liquid “screen” instead of drawing a 3D scene on a plane. The display itself is three-dimensional, with a Structure with volume. This allows viewers to see a columnar display in a three-dimensional image without any 3D glasses or headphones.

A study led by Yoshio Hayasaki of Utsunomiya University in Japan was published in the Journal of Optics, a high-impact research journal of the American Optical Society, proving that the bubble display in its volume can be used to create change The ability of colorful graphics.

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“It is challenging to create a colorful, up-to-date stereo display because many three-dimensional pixels or voxels use different colors to form stereo graphics,” said Kota Kumagai, who is the first author of the article. “In our display, the three-dimensional structure of microbubble voxels is generated in the liquid using focused femtosecond laser pulses. The bubble pattern can be colored by changing the color of the illumination light.”

Although this new work is a proof of concept, the technology may one day achieve a full-color, updatable volumetric display. These types of displays can be used for art or museum exhibits, and the audience can watch around the display target in all ways. They are also exploring to help doctors visualize the patient’s anatomy before surgery or to achieve the military’s previous mission to study terrain and buildings.

“This kind of volume bubble display is most suitable for applications in public facilities such as museums and aquariums. Currently, the system setup is large and expensive,” Kumagai said. “However, in the future, we hope to improve the size and cost of green laser pointer and optical devices to create a smaller system that is affordable for personal applications.”