650nm 5mW Red Laser Line Module

This 650nm 5mW red laser line module is a updated product of red laser diode module. Adopting the same direct 650nm red laser beam direct emission from 650nm red laser diode, this laser line module emits a clearly visible red laser line, but not a red dot on targeting surface. According to the highest configuration of import 650nm red laser diode with glass window, import glass cylindrical lens, and constant current electric circuit board, this red red laser pointer line module is always providing beam intensity uniform distributed red laser line with highest laser line qualified.

This 650nm red laser line module is always equipped with different technical data glass coated cylindrical lens. With wide range of selectable lens degree from 5 degree to 120 degree, this 5mW red laser alignment can obtain different line length and line thickness at desired working surfaces. This red laser line adopts focused focus design in order to assure 100% accurate and precise line generation at desired distance.

The special adoption of Powell glass coated cylindrical lens can assured the highest qualified red laser line generation with featured advantages of high brightness, high straightness, super uniform and high fineness. The red laser beam gets super strong laser light transmittance, thus generating highly bright red laser line on targeting surfaces with the lowest time consumption. On condition that users have made proper adjustment of line targeting direction, 5mW red laser line module will begin to make stable and reliable line alignment efficiently.

Not the same as commonly used red laser pointer, this 650nm 5mW red laser line module is always workable continuous in those of industrial working fields. It is not as visible and bright as 532nm green laser, but this industrial alignment laser line is always workable for line generation in room operating environments. This low powered 5mW red laser line module is providing accurate and precise line alignment and collimation for garment marking, textile cutting, laser cutting, screen printing etc. Owing to its low power of 5mW, it is mainly workable for inner room working environments. It is enough to instruct workers to make accurate line generation on various processing materials.

In various industrial line generating working fields, 650nm red laser line module is always required to make continuous line generation. Thus this 5mW red line laser alignment adopts external DC input power supply with 3V 500mA power. After easy mounting, installation and connection with power source, it will begin to emit clearly visible red laser line as expected. This industrial manufacture laser alignment system always gets incomparable advantages than those of manual line tools.