Application of laser rangefinder radar in centaur

What is laser ranging radar

Lidar is a radar system that emits laser beam to detect the position, velocity and other characteristics of the target.

It is sending a probe to the target signal, and then receives the reflected signal from the target compared with emission signal, after proper treatment, can obtain the target information, such as the target distance, azimuth, altitude, speed, attitude, and even shape parameters, such as to mobile robot such as target detection, tracking and recognition.

Advantages of laser ranging radar

In recent years, the application of lasaer pointer radar in mobile robot navigation is increasing. It helps mobile robot to realize map construction, self-positioning, sensing environment, obstacle avoidance and circumnavigation, etc. Another important reason is that the distance measurement technology based on laser has high accuracy.

By scanning laser beam or plane of light in two or three dimensions, lidar can provide a large amount of accurate distance information at a higher frequency. It can consider both precision requirements and speed requirements, which is particularly suitable for the field of mobile robots. In addition, lidar can work not only in the presence of ambient light, but also in the dark.

Xianzhi AMB series unmanned chassis, using the independent research and development of laser SLAM algorithm to achieve high precision positioning within ±5mm, reaching the industry’s leading level, so as to meet the intelligent factory’s demanding requirements on the movement accuracy of logistics equipment, so that the laser automatic positioning of mobile robot has a huge advantage in precision.

The laser SLAM algorithm localization and navigation technology adopted by xianzhi solves the problem that traditional two-dimensional code, electromagnetic and other localization and navigation methods cannot precisely locate and navigate due to the low intelligence level, to a large extent. Aided by multiple sensor fusion such as vision module, mobile robot can adapt to the dynamic changing environment well. It is the most stable and reliable mobile robot positioning and navigation method at present, with long service life and low reconstruction cost.