Laser technology and intelligent micro investment rise projection industry ushered in the shuffle period

As we mentioned in the article two years ago, the mature application of laser pointer technology and the rise of intelligent projector will inevitably lead to the explosion of the whole projector industry. Nearly two years of hot projector market also confirmed this to guess really, industrial boom drew the look of a lot of outside, crossover manufacturer, OEM brand and Internet manufacturer formed the burgeoning force of projector industry.

As traditional manufacturers are relatively conservative, these emerging forces attempt to rely on intelligent micro projection and new laser technology to bring the traditional projection factories back to the same starting line, trying to compete with traditional manufacturers. One of the most common words we’ve heard in press conferences and interviews in recent years is “overtaking on corners”, intended to grab a bigger slice of the future pie.

However, the projector industry is a technology-driven industry. With the passing of time, after the traditional big manufacturers such as Japanese and Taiwan series start to pay attention to laser technology and make targeted layout, the disadvantages of new brands in terms of technical background and channels become prominent. The market layout in the early stage occupies a large amount of funds, and the promotion expense in the later stage keeps growing, making the new brands with limited funds under great pressure.

The actual goods, because the order quantity is not big, it is difficult to bargain with upstream manufacturers, can not effectively compress the cost, not only in the selling price is difficult to obtain advantages, but also overstock a large number of inventory, as long as a wave of products without marketing success, will instantly lead to the whole capital chain broken, leading to enterprise collapse, even bankruptcy.

From the perspective of the household market, only a few emerging brands have achieved breakthroughs through laser and smart micro investment, and we can also see the traditional and old brands behind these manufacturers. For those who focus on speculation, including some cross-border television manufacturers, are sinking in the increasingly fierce market competition.

And core block business teaching field, this year’s whole projector market is not very good. Informatization construction speed is accelerated, it is the golden period that projector develops originally, but kill liquid crystal this batch of dark horse. Boe, sharp and others are already preparing to put 8 into production. 6 generations and 10. For the generation of 5/11, the capacity of large-size products of 65 inches and above has been greatly increased. In 2017, the global capacity of products of 65 inches and above has been increased by five times, which further reduces the cost of large-screen equipment such as electronic white boards.

According to relevant data, the price of LCD panel in 2018 dropped by an unprecedented and shocking magnitude, with the price of 65-inch LCD panel falling by more than 40% in the first half of the year. Related products are maintaining a high rate of growth, the first half of this year sales reached 9. 50,000, up 215% year on year. In the projector home education market, LCD products and projector sales are almost flat. In the business market, the overall sales volume of LCD products has reached about three times that of projectors.

Come so, projector is very inferior in price respect, the product that is a foundation with liquid crystal occupied a lot of market share that belong to projector formerly, so the day after projection industry can be very sad, shuffle inevitable. But the tough environment is not all bad for the projector industry as a whole.

Wave and sand, after a series of market tests and baptism, to see clearly who is in the shadow industry in the end. And below a variety of high pressure, believe projector industry can find new breakthrough point, coruscate gives new vigor