MIT researchers use lidar technology to navigate drones

Drones are effective search and rescue tools, but they rely on GPS signals. MIT researchers have come up with a new solution: using LIDAR LIDAR technology, which guides driverless cars, to navigate drones.

Instead of using GPS laser pointer, the researchers used LIDAR LIDAR to map the forest. Each drone can draw a 2D map, including the location of the forest, making it easier to determine where the drone is in a particular search area. What’s more, entire fleets of drones work together to search large swaths of forest with minimal effort.

As a result, drones could become more efficient in their search. MIT’s approach is to maintain the momentum of the drone as much as possible, searching an area with spiral shapes and faster speeds.

However, the current system still requires ground stations to merge maps, and it also requires object recognition systems to identify people.