Us researchers study new laser weapon: near area makes pain worse

Military forces in many countries are actively researching laser weapons, and the United States is no exception.

According to CNET, the new laser pointer weapon being developed by the us Marine corps is not a powerful and lethal weapon, but rather a warning to the enemy.

Specifically, the laser weapon system can be to warn of 1000 m within the scope of human, this warning is a kind of effective damage, such as make you ached badly in this region, and once you leave this area, so the body damage can be stopped for an instant, such as on the human skin produce intense, intolerable heat.

The purpose of the Marine corps is not to destroy the enemy, but to deal with crowds, civil unrest and other situations that do not require lethal force. Its function is to use lasers to produce a sustainable and controllable plasma, producing a variety of non-lethal effects to warn and deter.

At present, the laser weapon is still in the conceptual stage.