Preparation of high flux high performance complex alloys by laser metallurgy

Recently, a demonstration meeting was held in Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics (beihang) on the “high-flux preparation principles and equipment for high performance complex alloy laser pointer metallurgy”, a national key research and development program.

It is understood that the project is led by beihang university and jointly undertaken by Beijing university of science and technology, metal research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and Beijing institute of technology.

Projects around in the field of aviation, space, energy and other major strategic high-end equipment of high temperature alloy, titanium alloy and other key performance requirements of the material is increasing day by day, for the first time put forward new high-performance laser complex alloy metallurgy high flux preparation principle, key research complex alloy metallurgy during the preparation of high flux laser and material interactions, transmission dynamics, alloying behavior of molten pool and non-equilibrium solidification behavior, breakthrough high-performance alloy complex organization structure precise control technology, developed a multi-functional high-performance laser complex alloy metallurgy equipment, high flux preparation Rapid development of new high temperature alloys, titanium alloys, high entropy alloys and amorphous alloys, as well as high-performance complex components with controllable composition and structure of high flux preparation and forming by laser metallurgy high-flux preparation equipment, supports the development of high-end equipment in major strategic fields such as aviation, aerospace and energy.