DHN Brings A Variety of Laser Projectors to Chengdu

On September 5, 2018, the first Chengdu Infocomm China 2018 exhibition kicked off in the Western China International Expo City.

As a brand new projector brand, DHN Didong has demonstrated a variety of ultra-short-focus laser projectors, such as DM350X ultra-short-focus laser projector based on DLP projection technology and full laser solid-state laser design, with brightness up to 3500 lumens (1024*768 resolution) ), a projection ratio of 0.57:1, gamut area ≥100% REC. 709, ingenious design, exclusive to create a treasure of business projection applications.

There is also DHN Didong automatic multi-projection projector DM907, DM907 uses the latest DLP laser display technology, pure green laser pointer light source, brightness up to 4500 lumens, high reliability, long-lasting brightness, and no need to replace bulbs and filters, can be achieved Maintenance-free use for more than 20,000 hours, greatly reducing the cost of use.

In addition to a variety of ultra-short-focus laser projector products, DHN also presented a number of application solutions, such as panoramic restaurant solutions, modern ceramic art display, fully automatic fusion projection, creative advertising display wall, 30% off The curtain is immersed and so on.

DHN Didong made its debut at Infocomm China this year, not only fully demonstrating the style of the laser projection brand, but with the continuous enrichment of DHN products and the continuous improvement of technology, the future market performance is worth looking forward to.