Complex Components Green Laser Pointer Continues to Break Through

Laser fine processing technology plays an irreplaceable role in the manufacture of aerospace complex components. At present, China’s laser fine manufacturing technology is still lagging behind Europe and the United States, so it is necessary to greatly improve the manufacturing capacity and level of complex laser components in China’s aerospace industry.

The team of laser precision manufacturing and intelligent robots led by Professor Chang Xuexue of Xi’an Jiaotong University, is a team of laser precision manufacturing and intelligent robots for aerospace complex curved surfaces. Large-scale surface functional pattern manufacturing, aeroengine hot end parts functional pattern surface integrity manufacturing, aeroengine The requirements of six types of typical complex components such as ceramic core/blade repair and functional structure composite manufacturing, combined with the research advantages of the team in laser processing technology development, automation equipment manufacturing, optical and electromechanical collaborative control, etc., independently developed 6 types of complex component surfaces. The green laser pointer fine manufacturing process and series of equipment will fill many gaps in China’s aerospace manufacturing field.

The team members explored the scientific mechanism of the action mechanism of laser parameters and beam scanning characteristics on typical materials. The combination of theoretical research and experimental research carried out laser beam path planning and high-speed scanning, equipment online monitoring and compensation, feature three-dimensional detection and recognition, Research on key technologies such as opto-mechanical cooperative control, and in-depth study of laser multi-parameter control mechanism. In addition, the method of beam scanning characteristic control strategy is also studied. The variation law of photoinduced characteristics of typical materials and its mechanism and removal mechanism are discussed.

The independent development of laser manufacturing technology and equipment will solve the bottleneck of high-quality manufacturing technology of aerospace components in China, break through the foreign technology blockade, and provide key manufacturing technologies for the development of new spacecraft and aero-engines in China.