Industry Leading Solid Green Laser Pointer Radar Sensor Technology

Cosworth’s North American headquarters opens to showcase industry-leading solid-state lidar sensor technology. According to foreign media reports, on June 25th, Cosworth presented its solid green laser pointer at the opening ceremony of the new advanced manufacturing center at its North American headquarters. Radar (LiDAR) sensor technology. Cosworth is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance engines and end-to-end automotive technology with North American headquarters in Shelby, Michigan.

The Cosworth Advanced Manufacturing Center is one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing centers and is designed for the design and development of Hybrid Drives for the Future Car. At the opening event, Cosworth not only demonstrated its solid-state lidar sensor technology, the Corvette simulator with Cosworth’s patented AliveDrive technology, and Cadillac and Chevrolet with Cosworth’s patented AliveDrive technology. Camaro and the Chevrolet Corvette models also appeared.

Cosworth has invested $50 million in its new headquarters, and once completed, the headquarters manufacturing center will produce Cosworth’s complete electronics and powertrain, solid green laser pointer, engineering software, hybrid engine technology and consulting services.

Cosworth’s long-term cooperation with the world’s top automakers (OEMs) such as GM, Aston Martin, Honda, Haitec and Porsche Relationships have recently achieved profitability and significant growth in performance. In 2017, revenues reached a record $72.5 million and received a long-term contract worth $440 million. More than 100,000 vehicles on the roads in the United States are equipped with patented Cosworth AliveDrive technology, which integrates camera sensors, vehicle dynamics and data analysis software.