Intelligent Manufacturing Green Laser Pointer Technology Seminar

The wave of transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry has already started. The green laser pointer processing has become an indispensable role in modern manufacturing with its high precision, fast speed and small deformation. With the continuous breakthrough of high-power fiber lasers and the mature development of femtosecond laser and picosecond laser technology, the application fields of laser processing are becoming more and more extensive, from sheet metal processing to automobile manufacturing, aerospace and 3D printing. And gradually broke out huge market opportunities.

On June 27th, the “OFweek2018 China Laser Processing and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Seminar-Beijing Station” hosted by CIMES2018 organizer Beijing Guoji Exhibition Co., Ltd. and OFweek China Hi-Tech Industry Portal and OFweek Laser Network was held at Beijing New International Exhibition. Center held by the Institute of Laser Engineering of Beijing University of Technology, Pumabao, Swiss Baichao, Huagong Laser, TRUMPF, Pentium Laser, Apache experts and corporate executives, around China’s laser processing technology and intelligent manufacturing trends In-depth discussion.

Aluminum alloy materials have the advantages of high specific strength, easy molding and corrosion resistance. They are widely used in automotive, high-speed rail and aerospace manufacturing. In particular, high-speed trains are required to pursue lightweight, while aluminum alloys can replace traditional steel materials to achieve weight reduction. About 50% of the effect, so aluminum alloy materials have been loved by many markets.

However, due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy heat source divergence and low energy density, the joint is easy to soften and deform, which brings many problems to the welding process. Wu Shikai, vice president of the Laser Engineering Research Institute of Beijing University of Technology, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of arc welding and laser welding. The former has low cost, but the speed is slow and easy to change, while the latter is costly and the temperature gradient is cracked.

Wu Shikai believes that laser and arc hybrid welding can bring better results. VPTIG composite welding can further reduce heat input, regulate weld microstructure and improve joint mechanical properties.

As the global leader in the laser and sheet metal machinery market, Pumabao offers products covering stamping, laser processing, bending, systems, automation and software throughout the entire metal manufacturing process. At the meeting, Pumabao sales director Fan Zhimin said that Pumabao is exploring a new solution that can meet current production needs and adapt to future development, that is, Pumabao’s Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing solutions.

Fan Zhimin pointed out that in intelligent manufacturing solutions, managers can collect real-time and historical data through sensors and cameras to manage smart machines and automated factories. Pumabao’s intelligent software combines a variety of modular software systems for data-driven machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance, as well as production performance analysis, machine status and condition monitoring.

In the process of green laser pointer, bending is an important process, and the Xpert 40 mobile bending center launched by Swiss Super is a new level of bending technology. According to Zhu Wei, Product Manager of Swiss Baichao, the Xpert 40 is equipped with a mobile bending robot that enables automatic and manual bending free switching solutions for on-demand automation.

Zhu Wei said that the Xpert 40 is a complete set of bending processing solutions that can achieve better automation and facilitate the upgrading and upgrading of automation equipment. The Xpert 40 has off-line programming capability to automate machining switching in 5 minutes, which not only meets the small batch of manual bending but also the automated machining needs of large batches of workpieces.