Able To Recognize The Intention Of The Cyclist Laser Pointer

The general cruise laser pointer assist function will require the driver to hold the steering wheel tightly all the time, but this universal cruise mode with facial recognition will allow the driver to leave the steering wheel with both hands. However, once it is detected that the driver is distracted or even falling asleep during driving, this “super cruise system” will issue a red warning signal, the driver’s seat will vibrate, and finally a pre-recorded sound will be played to remind the driver to take appropriate actions . In the unlikely event that these warnings do not allow the driver to respond, GM OnStar’s back office will have service personnel attempt to contact the driver directly in case the driver needs medical assistance in an emergency.

In addition, if the laser pointer detects a continuous sharp curve on the road ahead, the cruise system will issue another warning to remind the driver to re-control the vehicle in time. If the driver fails to make a proper response in time, the vehicle will automatically turn on the warning lights and slow down, or even stop driving in an emergency.

Google ’s monthly report states that its self-driving cars can recognize cyclist gestures and even leave more room for cyclists near parked vehicles.

For self-driving cars, being able to avoid other vehicles and pedestrians is not enough. Google’s self-driving car team is ensuring that its self-driving Lexus SUVs and custom prototypes can recognize the intentions of the rider.