Multiple Storage Technologies Such As Nano-resolution Laser Pointer

Compared with several storage media such as semiconductor memories, hard disks, and magnetic tapes, optical discs have the advantage of low unit storage capacity cost. At present, the capacity of a single Blu-ray disc has reached 300GB, and it is expected to reach 500GB in two years. Using multi-layer, multi-level, multi-dimensional, and nano-resolution technologies, the storage density of laser pointer optical storage can be increased to terabytes. In addition, optical storage technology is particularly suitable for long-term secure storage of large amounts of cold data.

At the same time, Blu-ray storage has low requirements for the preservation environment. It consumes almost no energy when saving information, only consumes energy when reading and writing, and does not require air conditioning to dissipate heat. Blu-ray storage has high security, and has the advantages of resistance to natural disasters, magnetic storms, and anti-human data deletion. “Persistent storage” is only a theoretical concept. Currently, international companies such as Panasonic, Sony, and DISC have developed their own Blu-ray storage systems.

Laser Pointer

Internet giants such as Facebook have also begun to use laser pointers optical storage systems to solve data storage problems. The use of optical storage systems has become a common means of solving massive data storage internationally. Through double-sided disc technology and recording track pitch reduction technology, related companies have achieved a single disc storage capacity of 300GB.