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Recently, it is reported that Russia is developing a super-stable optical storage technology that can produce a new type of optical disk that can store data for 1 million years under certain conditions. Being able to store data for 1 million years is almost impossible to achieve with current technology. Even with Blu-ray discs, today’s leading¬†laser pointer¬†technology, data can only be stored for about 60 years. A prototype of this ‘permanent disc’ is ready.

In an interview with the media, Ivan Glebov, director of the Laser Nanoglass Laboratory of the Russian Advanced Research Projects Foundation, said. So what exactly is a “permanent disc”? Compared with ordinary optical discs, what technical advantages does it have? Nano-structured glass disc. “This optical disc is a nano-structured glass optical disc. Using femtosecond laser input method, nano-glass material is turned into a storage medium for recording and retrieving five-dimensional (5D) data.

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Data can be stored theoretically for billions or even billions of years. “On January 9, the deputy general manager of the company’s marketing center said in an interview with a reporter from the Science and Technology Daily. This is actually a technology from the University of Southampton. In theory, this optical disc can withstand high temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius at room temperature. Such discs can be stored permanently. According to media reports, the laser pointers nanoglass laboratory has now produced prototypes of “permanent discs.”