Laser Pointer Has Also Become More Affordable

Because the current machine price is 25% of the price a few years ago. The new government plan also provides investment subsidies as well as interest subsidies and insurance. Sharma hopes to resume investment within a year, which is why Vibrotech sold more than 50 economical fiber laser cutting machines last year.

In the 21st century, the Indian market is flooded with second-hand CO2 laser pointer cutting machines. Factories operating these expensive mobile phones now face the risk of being eliminated by the market. All these machines are outdated and need to be replaced. Although it is impossible to know the exact number of used machines in the country, our data indicates that the replacement of these machines will account for about 25% of total sales in the coming year.

5000mW Laser Pointer 5W 532nm Green Star

The Indian market is slowly heating up, bringing other laser applications such as welding, hardening, and coating; and advances in automation, speed, and precision have made the packaging industry increasingly demanding laser applications. Although lasers have become the first choice for flexible and innovative packaging, with more progress, the technology is also likely to replace mold applications.

Compared to traditional hard-coded machines, lasers provide greater packaging flexibility. With the increasing reliance on innovation in the packaging industry, lasers have become hot. Because the requirements of the packaging industry are very diverse and unique, Laser Technologies has set up a dedicated team to accept packaging projects only on a case-by-case basis.

The demand for proprietary talent. The red laser pointer laser engineer in India is almost completely field-trained and has almost no professional training. As more and more machines (more advanced machines) enter the Indian market, manpower may become a bottleneck. Buyer market. The entry of many manufacturers will make India a market, and buyers will have more negotiation power. Manufacturing and assembly units. More and more manufacturers will establish factories and assembly units in India to cater to the expanding Indian and South Asian markets.