U.S. Navy Tests Laser Weapon System To Accurately Target Drones

The US Navy conducted a laser pointer weapon test in the Persian Gulf and struck a drone with precision. The laser weapon system, abbreviated as LaWS in English, is deployed on the US military amphibious carrier “Ponce”. The captain of the ship, Wells, said: “This system is more accurate than bullets. This is not a highly specialized weapon system like other weapons in our defense industry. It can only be used for air strikes, or it can only strike. Water targets may only be land targets.

This time it is a very diverse weapon, which can be used to combat multiple targets. “The report said that the laser weapon system has a very obvious advantage. At present, there is no other weapon that can match it. It can destroy the target at the speed of light, which is 50,000 times the speed of the intercontinental ballistic missile. The source said that for testing laser weapons, The U.S. Navy released a drone, the laser weapon control team aimed the weapon at the target, and the drone wing was instantly burned and fell into the sea. The attack was silent and secret.

5000mW Laser Pointer 5W 532nm Green Star

The shipborne laser weapon on the “Ponce” is called LaWS. Lieutenant Hughes, who is in charge of the laser weapon system, pointed out that there is no need to guide the target, because the target damage is very fast. He said: “It plays a role in the invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, so it can’t see the light, so it is silent and amazingly efficient.” Wells added that the use of this weapon can greatly reduce collateral damage during wartime.

It is reported that the weapon operation only requires the power reserve from a small generator and three people to operate the red laser pointer. Lieutenant Hughes estimated that the cost of using the weapon once was one dollar. According to reports, the current laser weapons are mainly used to destroy aircraft and small ships. However, the US military is developing a more powerful second-generation system, which will enable it to target more powerful targets, such as missiles. When answering the question about whether the laser weapon system can shoot down missiles, Hughes said, “it is possible.”