How Does The Laser Alarm Work

Among many anti-tank weapon aiming methods, laser aiming has been widely used as a highly reliable and low-cost aiming method. In order to deal with laser aiming and guided anti-tank weapons, a corresponding laser pointer alarm was also installed on the tank. But how exactly does this system work? What are the characteristics? You also need to understand and research yourself.

At present, there are still anti-tank missiles used in many countries in the world with laser aiming and guidance. Compared with radar guidance, laser guidance has the characteristics of low cost, easy operation, and easy personnel training. The poor countries cannot afford to fight in war and usually raise them. The army is even more strenuous. This quick-start weapon is easily accepted by third-world countries.

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When your vehicle is targeted by an enemy laser sight, the sensor can sense the laser beam and determine the laser wavelength and light source direction. At this time, it should be noted that the laser sighting warning will start working when the vehicle receives the laser beam. The enemy identification system used by the German “Leopard” 2 tank is a laser question and answer device developed based on the principle of laser communication. If it is encountered on the battlefield In this kind of identification system irradiation, the laser irradiation power of the enemy identification system is theoretically very low, but will there be special circumstances that will trigger the laser alarm erroneously.

Sometimes the laser alarm is automatically connected to the smoke bomb or the green laser pointer viewing and suppression system. Turning off the automatic mode tank is not protected, and turning on the automatic mode needs to prevent false alarms. This requires more testing efforts to eliminate the problem on the test site. . Therefore, an ideal laser alarm must have characteristics: have a sufficiently wide field of view. The laser warning device looks almost indistinguishable from front to back, but it does not work 360 degrees in all directions.