Analysis of fiber laser pointer market potential

Fiber laser is known as the most advanced third-generation industrial processing laser pointer, and it is also a high-end laser pointer developed by countries all over the world. It is considered a new laser technology, showing the competitiveness of fiber lasers. In the future, fiber lasers will still be the mainstay of the laser industry, and will become the mainstay of major laser companies.

The new free electron laser can be expanded to megawatt-level power. However, the technology to achieve this is not as advanced as semiconductor Laser pointer (lasers that use semiconductor laser materials as working materials). He said that a large shield space (60-100 feet long, a few feet wide, and a few feet high) is needed on the ship because the laser emits X-rays when using He.

The researchers said that the gas fiber laser engraving machine can use other gases and can actually produce 5 meters of tape. This is one of the hollow fiber lasers, which excites other hollow fiber applications and the interaction between different types of laser beams and gases to achieve the required operating wavelength.

In the Navy’s discussions on “next-generation advanced weapons,” fiber laser weapons are often compared to electromagnetic railguns currently under development. These weapons can solve the navy’s economic cost and ammunition launch technical problems. Once these weapons are developed, they will compete with large-scale opponents with strong military power, and will be able to achieve access and blockade by the opposition.