How powerful is the laser used by the laser pointer

There is no unified military needle or laser system. The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Space Force, ATF, Drug Administration, and police departments use laser beams for many practical purposes. We are not just talking about wars or open conflicts. Lasers are often used for military training of different spectrums and strengths rather than for combat.

What color is the visible light generally used for military purposes? We already know how to use invisible or infrared lasers, but at least we must know 532nm green and other obvious colors. The short answer is yes. Use visible colors such as green, red, blue, or even purple. The most common colors are green and red, for several important reasons.

First of all, the same Green laser pointer is 5-7 times brighter than other colors. Therefore, at this level, you can achieve higher power performance and lower power consumption. This gives the ground clerk more time to use the laser gun, which is essential for the successful completion of the mission or training. The brightness of 2 million green laser beams is 5 times that of 2 million red and 7 times that of 2 million red. This is a point that the military should consider when choosing an appropriate training or practice method in the real world.

determine. Both helicopters and helicopters can be in place, but they are both good and bad. Of course, the high-performance internal combustion engine is used by the military. The above examples illustrate that we often use the laser gun (the signal where the laser gun is located) to respond. The 980 nanometer laser can be hundreds of densities. It is not only a heat source laser, but also an excellent military tool. Pilots can see the artificial light being photographed with their own eyes. Even when flying at night, the burning laser is more obvious than the non-burning laser.