The precautions for the use of laser pointers by minors should be announced.

Now, many people like to use a portable laser pointer as a toy. This equipment is often used in speeches. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that lasers are being used through the MedWatch system. Although handheld laser displays may be harmful to the eyes, many people still suffer eye damage from the laser light emitted by the laser pointer.
The damage of the laser pointer is mainly to the eyes. Irradiating the eye with a laser pointer will damage the retina on the surface of the eye and even risk of blindness. When you irradiate the skin with a high-intensity laser pointer, the cells on the skin’s surface will burn. The laser pointer used at home is harmful to the human body, but due to its poor performance, it usually does not cause harm to the human body.

According to the energy intensity, laser barriers can be divided into four categories. The output power of the first low-power Laser pointer is less than 0.4mw. This kind of laser pointer is basically harmless to the eyes, used in daily life, and has excellent practicability. . The second type is a low-power visible laser pointer with an output power of about 0.4mw to 1MW. Irradiating the eyes with a laser injector will make the eyes dazzling and will not cause too much damage to the eyes. The third type of visible light continuous laser and the fourth type of high power continuous laser are rarely used in daily life.

Laser pointers, also called laser pointers, pointers, etc., are designed as handheld and handheld transmitters for lasers that are visible to the naked eye. Common laser barriers include red light, green light, blue light and blue-violet light. The energy of the laser is very concentrated, which is harmful to the human body, especially to the eyes. Prolonged contact with eyes can cause blindness. The laser is directed and focused. When you focus, you generate heat. The laser beam hits the retina and burns the eyes. Especially for children, the tissue of the eyes is very thin. When the laser reaches the spot, it will cause serious and irreversible damage to the eyes. Prolonged contact can even cause blindness.

You can choose regular channels to purchase laser barriers and children’s lasers. Avoid using products without laser emission category, brand model or warning information. It is not recommended for children to buy a laser barrier as a toy gun. Children need to be educated and understand the dangers of violence. Do not buy high-power laser pointers from laser radiation and suppliers in schools, shops or the Internet. You need to keep your children away from laser barriers for offices and education. If you use a laser pointer, you need to operate the laser correctly to hit the eyes, and keep your skin, clothing, or other objects away from the human body.