New Laser Writing Technology Upgrades Graphene Structure

The media recently published a new laser technology application, scientific researchers found that graphene carbon atoms can change into three-dimensional objects through the two-dimensional structure of forging laser writing, and three-dimensional structure of graphene material has strong stability, and showed a two-dimensional structure with electrical and optical properties.

As we all know, graphene can be used to manufacture many kinds of electronic and photoelectric devices. More scientists predict that graphene will completely change the twenty-first Century. It is possible to set off a new technology revolution that disrupts the world. It is understood that the technology of upgrading existing graphene through laser writing is used, which is similar to the forging of metal into a three-dimensional form by a green laser beam “hammer”. Finally, through the experiment and computer simulation, it is observed that the authenticity and formation mechanism of the 2-D structure of graphene carbon atoms are upgraded to the three-dimensional shape.

In nature, the structure determines the properties. Without exception, the structural characteristics of graphene decide that graphene is thin and hard, and has good transmittance, strong thermal conductivity, high conductivity, stable structure and fast electron migration. According to the industry, graphene can be divided into monolayer graphene, bilayer graphene, low layer graphene and multilayer graphene according to the number of layers. Because the excellent performance of graphene will decrease significantly with the increase of the number of layers. It will not possess the excellent properties of graphene materials, and will lose the application advantage of graphene in the upgrading of electronic devices. The upgrading of the two-dimensional to three-dimensional structure has opened a new direction for the application of graphene.

In the current electronic age, once the development and application of graphene is developed, it will undoubtedly change the current electronic device industry. Graphene technology is still in the initial stage of exploration and application. On the one hand, graphene technology is constantly applied to the industry, and the existing graphene technology is constantly upgrading. In recent years, the concept of graphene has been widely sought after. The development and application of graphene in China is constantly decreasing. The technology upgrading of graphene has become an urgent problem to solve in this field.