Jiaguang Technology Single Line Laser Receives New Technology Certification

Recently, Jiaguang Technology’s self-developed single-line laser radar INS-1 has successfully obtained Beijing’s new technology and new product (service) certification, becoming the first batch of new products approved this year.

Single-line laser radar has a broad market space in low-speed unmanned scenes such as unmanned distribution, unmanned sanitation vehicles, and park patrol cars. Jiaguang Technology officially launched the single-line lidar INS-1 in January this year and completed product iterations in recent days. The iterative INS-1 replaces the internal slip ring structure with wireless technology, and its stability and product life cycle have been further improved.

It is reported that INS-1 is a mechanical scanning laser radar using PTOF (Pulse Time-of-Flight Ranging) ranging. The 360° scanning range can help unmanned cars, robots, green laser pointer, etc. to accurately identify the running path. People, obstacles, etc., with a range of up to 200m, is the single-line laser radar with the farthest range in the current range. In addition, Jiaguang’s technical advantages in optical signal processing make the signal-to-noise ratio of the INS-1 ranging module much better than other similar products. The modular, integrated design concept also enables INS-1 to reduce costs and achieve lower prices.

INS-1 has passed the impact test in accordance with GB/T2423.5-1995 standard. The product is expected to enter the mass production process in the fourth quarter of this year. At present, Jiaguang Technology has reached a cooperation with the leading autopilot company in China.