Try To Expand The Monitoring Angle of The Laser Alarm

At present, all countries in the world are trying to expand the monitoring angle of laser alarms. In addition to simply adding a single laser alarm sensor unit to make it close to the hemispherical airspace, some countries simply install 3 armored vehicles on tanks and armored vehicles. The field of view is 120 laser pointer alarm. The advantage of installing one alarm is that the overall structure is simple and convenient to design; the characteristics of installing three alarms are where they are dismantled and broken, and the cost of maintenance and replacement is low. Which design scheme to choose requires a specific analysis based on the specific problems of the tank’s characteristics.

Able to receive a broadband laser spectrum. Due to the variety of anti-tank missile development units, and the laser wavelengths of different types of missile sighting mechanisms produced by the same company are not the same. Therefore, the frequency of the laser spectrum that the laser warning device can receive should be as rich as possible. Only by estimating the laser wavelength that the enemy laser sight may emit in advance and incorporating it into its own spectrum can effective warning be achieved.

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It can effectively suppress the environment and background stray light and reduce the probability of false alarms. Laser warning devices are mainly inspired by airplanes, but the air environment is much simpler than the ground, and laser warning devices that can be used in the air may not be applicable on the ground. The ground environment is more complicated. Among them, the effect of the laser warning device is the scattering effect of water vapor and fog on the laser.

This may cause the laser warning device to cause misjudgment of the direction of the laser beam aimed at the enemy, and the ground can interfere with the laser more than the air. For example, in the 1980s, foreign armies invented reflectors for sights. Even though the laser warning device correctly recognized the direction of the incoming laser beam, the laser warning device could only attack after the fire command was issued to the auxiliary automatic weapon. It’s just a mirror. Since the day when the laser aiming method came out, the offensive and the defensive battle of the complex ground environment has never stopped.

High orientation accuracy and fast response speed. This is an important indicator reflecting the performance of the green laser pointer warning device. With the continuous improvement of computer technology, the calculation method can gradually become more complicated and the speed will increase. Some unfulfilled wishes that year were placed in today’s technical environment, it is no longer a dream.

In order to avoid misjudgment, the laser warning device must be able to identify the purpose of the incoming beam, and by analyzing the wavelength and pulse characteristics of the received beam, find the corresponding item type from the spectral database, so as to determine that the received beam is aimed, Guidance is still laser ranging. If the incoming laser beam is distance-measuring, it can basically be considered that the local artillery weapon has locked itself, thus making protective measures in advance. Although this time is very short, for tanks equipped with active protection systems in the future, it is very valuable to deal with armor-piercing shell attacks in half a second.