Outdoor and Open Air Laser Show

Indoor laser shows are already an impressive event that you don’t see every day. However, if you place a green laser pointers show outdoor it becomes even more impressive and you will get a wide range of new opportunities. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, open air festivals, open air musicals and cinema, openings, sport events and many more – Outdoor laser shows fit to every occasion and are always a powerful event for visitors, audience or customers.

A good way to present an outdoor laser show is from a hill down over a wide area, also good over a lake or directly project into the sky. The beams are visible over miles and project gorgeous colours into the dark sky. Outdoor laser shows not only work in dusk or night but they also visible in the daytime, because of the higher ray data. It is also possible to project graphics and beams onto building walls, outdoor screens and rock.

If you want to present your company building or event building in an extraordinary way, high power laser mapping is the perfect alternative. This means that the laser show can be individually cut onto the outlines of your building. Therefore you can project pattern with laser graphics for example the outline of the windows or doors of that building.