How long does laser spot nevus need to be restored?

In order to solve the facial or unsightly moles in other parts of the body, the traditional way of energy-saving, frozen moles, in recent years, the effect is more convenient and exact to the number of laser point mole. Compared with the traditional way, green laser pointer point nevus has obvious effect on removing nevus, and less harm to the skin. So, how long does it take to recover a laser spot?

Laser point nevus is the use of laser in the instantaneous burst of huge energy on the pigment tissue, so that the pigment smashed, decomposed, engulfed by macrophages, with the lymphatic circulation excreted in vitro, to achieve the purpose of removing pigment. The use of laser mole technology, the recovery period is very short, the recovery period of general laser mole to be 1-3 months, and if these nursing after laser mole, can shorten the recovery period of laser mole.

First, during the healing period, it can be coated with antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent secondary infection. Some patients may have normal transient pigmentation after surgery, and gradually absorbed. Oral vitamin C can reduce the pigment reflux. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to ultraviolet light. Otherwise, transient pigmentation can occur and scarring may occur after infection.

Second, before the crust peels off, the laser pointer treatment area does not touch water, does not make up, does not rub, and does not care for hot, smoke and wine. To allow the crusts to fall off, they must not be forcibly peeled off. Do not participate in strenuous exercise, so as not to cause infection after sweating.

Third, after the treatment of pigmented skin diseases, we must pay attention to sun protection, pigment regression is a slow biological process, generally 1-3 months, this period must continue to sunscreen. In order to achieve the best effect, repeated treatment should be repeated for more than 3 months.