Parallel Alignment Lasers

Parallel alignment laser (parallel laser light source) is widely used in long distance tunnel through positioning, laser designator instruments, measurement and detection, bridge laying occasions and other special purposes. In addition, this parallel projecting laser module can also be used as high parallelism or light source for industrial automation and other industrial perspective, teaching, lab experiments and other occasions.

Unique features of parallel alignment laser

Parallel alignment red laser light source is usually focusing on infinity, providing high parallelism, low divergence laser beam. A high precision optical system is composed of advanced telescope objective. The use of semiconductor laser light source can also be acceptable with featured characteristics of lightweight, low power consumption, long lifetime, easy to use and reasonable prices etc.

Parallel alignment laser (laser collimator) can provide a very high degree of parallel circular spot beam over long distance, and the spot size remains substantially constant distance occurs when the distance changes. As a result, parallel projecting alignment laser is especially useful for long range precision orient, such as tunnel construction (through directional), underground mine construction, railway construction and certain military applications. This industrial design laser module is also applicable in scientific research and teaching. Parallel alignment laser fairly frequently uses as some of precision optical instruments standard components.

Recently, line alignment laser, as a high precision parallel light source, is used for machine vision systems, as an important part of a number of machine vision systems. For the industrial production of large quantities, parallel alignment laser is applicable for product quality monitoring.

On basis of requirements of customers in certain sectors, Berlinlasers also produce a dedicated LED collimator (parallel light). We can design and manufacture special used laser pointer optical devices according to the actual needs of customers.

Application fields of parallel alignment lasers:

Tunnel through orientation
Railway line rail rapid measurement
Machine industry vision background light source
Precise linear measurement guide
Tool real-time measurement, alignment laser plus special projector
Large-scale solar alignment and inspection equipment
Military training, simulation exercise artillery firing