Laser Alignment System

Laser alignment systems provide special positionings of subjected objects with high efficiency and high accuracy. For instance, laser alignment system can be available with various kinds of projecting reference shape of dot, line, cross and parallel. All available laser alignment gadgets are able to project highly bright and visible reference alignment in practical operation.

Dot projecting laser alignment system

This is a very simple and flexible designed laser alignment system. It can project an especially bright spot on targeted surfaces. For instance, green dot generating laser alignment system is able to offer a dot of precision visual alignment. Uniquely designed with qualified green laser diode, dot projecting alignment laser is able to produce a bright, focused laser beam that allows high accuracy and precision reference dot alignment on targeted alignment application fields.

In order to get required alignment result, dot alignment laser is being designed with adjustable focus so than users can make fully control of light spot in order to get required dot laser alignment result in real operation.

Line projecting laser alignment system

Before users are looking for a line generating laser alignment, a general understanding of requiring alignment laser line length and reference line width should be acknowledgeable. Both points are very important to help laser alignment professionals to make measurement and calculation of line laser alignment angle and output power.

Since different wavelength laser alignment has different brightness and visible laser beam visibility in distance, as a result, users need to decide the preferred laser color for further decision of line laser alignment system.

Cross projecting laser alignment system

Cross projecting laser alignment system provides very particular two perpendicular lines on positioning spaces. For instance, red cross generating laser alignment is able to projecting highly visible red perpendicular lines with high accuracy and high precision. The available laser degrees is fixed 90 degrees, which enables accurate cross alignment and calibration in space measurement. However, 808nm and 980nm infrared cross projecting alignment lasers are providing particular different alignment result in those of special infrared laser light source required alignment fields.

Cautions with laser alignment system:

Laser alignment systems are specially designed for industrial laser calibration occasions. With the available output power range from 5mW until 400mW, invisible and visible beam blue laser pointer alignments are able to meet various possible requirements from users in real operation. Only skilled persons are allowed to operation industrial laser alignment system, and do be cautious with this industrial laser gadget in hands.

Whenever users are operating high powered laser alignment system up 50mW, a pair of laser safety goggles equipped with operating gadget is a necessity to set up safe and high efficiency operation. The industrial laser alignment system can always bring you the most rapid and accurate alignment in work successfully.