Laser Line Generator

In advanced industrial laser line measuring working fields, red laser line generator is being regarded as one of the most important tool available on the earth. This typical laser line generator makes the best utilization of the mature 650nm red laser diode technology. Whatever kind of industrial line laser alignment working fields, such as stone cutting, laser cutting, wood board processing, textile cloth processing, this red line projecting laser alignment tool is always able to make highly stable and reliable line generation precisely and accurately.

Red laser line generator adopts import 650nm red laser pointer diode and glass cylindrical lens. In room working environment, the efficient red line length can reach as long as 6 meters. The red line emitting from this alignment laser has got superiority of high beam visibility, good calibration and high stability. It is workable within installation height from 0.5m to 5m.

Users can just get brighter red laser line generator at closer installation distance. It can be easily mounted vertically or obliquely. Available with easy and convenient installation, this red laser line generator can be mounted on any vertical or horizontal surfaces. After simple adjustment of targeting line direction, it will produce a clearly visible, noncontact positioning line to instruct the whole line measurement process. Laser line generator gets superior advantages of easy operation and high working efficiency.

Within three dimension working spaces, laser line generator can be easily adjusted to obtain the best operation result. Red laser line generator adopts excellent high powered laser diode with high conversion rate. The adoption of aircraft used aluminum block body shell design can greatly increase contact area with air, thus laser line generator tube assures perfect thermal emitting in continuous line alignment operation.

Inside the laser alignment tube, the special designed metal heat sink cooling system protects laser tube in the most stable temperature. Even though users are selecting a high powered laser line generator, it has just keeps stable performance, no fan-forced heat, but quiet line generation. It also assures extremely long serving lifetime of more than 8000 hours. With no mistake line alignment, this red laser pointer line generator has just assured the most precise and accurate line projection efficiently.