An industrial – grade femtoyl-vary multiwavelength femtosecond laser was released

On February 15, 2019, wuhan anyan laser technology co., ltd. officially released FemtoYL™ -vary for its industrial-grade multiwavelength femtosecond laser. FemtoYL™ -vary multiwavelength femtosecond lasers are a new member of the FemtoYL laser family of femtosecond fiber lasers.

FemtoYL™ -vary is a femtosecond laser based on fiber optic CPA technology. The laser is capable of generating 1030 nanometers (infrared) or 515 nanometers (green) or 343 nanometers (ultraviolet) wavelengths depending on customer needs and computer software. The FemtoYL™ -vary laser generates femtosecond pulses using a passive mode-locked fiber oscillator, which is designed to be fully fiber structured with high reliability and long life. Meanwhile, FemtoYL™ -vary lasaer pointer amplify with fiber based chirped pulses and generate femtosecond lasers with green and ultraviolet wavelengths from mature exo-frequency multiplicators.

FemtoYL ™ – more than femtosecond laser wavelength using an integrated structural design, excellent output speckle pattern, which can realize the infrared 20 w, uv, green 8 w 3 w power output, support the Burst mode and function of synchronization position output (PSO), can satisfy the requirements of most industrial applications, and to provide 24 x7 operation is stable and reliable, simple and convenient maintenance. FemtoYL™ -vary also features security, ease of system integration, and smallness that reduce the overall cost across the product lifecycle.

Femtosecond lasers are widely used in precision industrial processing. However, as high-end laser products, femtosecond lasers, especially femtosecond lasers that support green light and ultraviolet output, are controlled and monopolized by foreign manufacturers. The FemtoYL™ -vary multiwavelength industrial femtosecond lasers, whose core modules are developed and produced by the anyon laser, are at the leading technological level worldwide. The product fills the gap in the field of green light and ultraviolet femtosecond laser in China and will break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers on high-end femtosecond laser. FemtoYL™ -vary multiwavelength industrial femtosecond lasers will be widely used in micro-processing applications such as two-photon polymerization, OLED screen repair, semiconductor chip grain-splitting and other applications, providing new tools for the manufacturing of high-end domestic display screens and the semiconductor industry