Monaco uv femtosecond lasers are being promoted by United States coherence for higher reliability

Coherent corporation’s new Coherent Monaco ultraviolet femtosecond laser offers Coherent Monaco with superior energy stability and minimal thermal impact zone (HAZ) for high-throughput, high-precision cutting, streaking, and drilling in microelectronics. This characteristic makes the laser suitable for OLED cutting, wafer cutting, thin polymer film and film cutting, flexible circuit and low dielectric constant material processing, etc.

Although UV (345 nm) femtosecond lasers have lower thermal impact zones than other ultra-short pulsed lasers, their deployment in the industrial market has slowed down due to unsatisfactory reliability. Monaco’s ultra-fast and ultra-fast uv laser, by contrast, USES the rigorous HALT/HASS design, manufacturing and testing methods used by coherent’s other highly reliable ultra-fast and uv lasers. It is the first ultraviolet femtosecond lasaer pointer to reduce the thermal impact zone by more than three times, while providing coherent’s signature industrial-grade reliability.

In addition to superior reliability, Coherent Monaco ultraviolet femtosecond laser output has been specially designed to provide optimal combination of pulse energy and repetition rate (20 muj/pulse cycles at 1.25 MHz pulse repetition frequency), with optimal ablative thresholds for commonly used materials. This allows it to increase production and provide lower cost per watt than other lasers. In addition, the single-plate Monaco uv femtosecond laser is the most compact industrially available (963 mm in length, 358 mm in width, 175 mm in height), simplifying the integration process for system builders.

In addition, the Monaco uv femtosecond laser USES the same powerful software interface as the Monaco family of products, making it easy for system integrators and end-users to use.