A new laser technology has been developed to kill cancer cells in the blood

In fact, scientists are searching for a cure for cancer, and now a new laser technology has been developed that can kill cancer cells.

The Cytophone technology USES laser pulse by bombarding the external skin, heating the cells in the blood, but the lasaer pointer heating can only melanoma cells, rather than healthy cells, because melanoma cells carrying the melanin can absorb the light, to the technology using ultrasonic testing the thermal effect after a small wave.

Scientists working principle is given, when melanin absorbs heat, melanin around the water evaporated in the cell, a bubble, the bubble swell and burst, mechanically damaged cells, by killing these cells, can prevent the spread of metastatic cancer, the next step will be more study, further optimization of the equipment, in the case of harmless to other cells to kill more tumor cells.

Although lasers are still some way from becoming a commercial diagnostic tool, they are 1,000 times more sensitive than current methods used to detect cancer cells in the blood.

While the researchers haven’t tested the technique on people with dark skin and high levels of melanin, the team hopes to expand the use of the technique to look for circulating tumor cells released by cancers other than melanoma.