MACOM Provides 25Gbps Laser for 5G LTE Wireless Front

According to reports, MACOM Technology Solutions has announced a series of 25 Gbps distributed feedback (DFB) lasers for 5G LTE wireless front-end applications.

According to MACOM, the 25G DFB laser is available in bare chip format (1xxD-25I-LCT11-50x) and TO package (1xxD-25I-LT5xC-50x) with an operating temperature range of -40° to 85° and a transmission distance of 2 To 10 km. It is reported that the laser is currently in the process of sampling and is scheduled to go into production in 2019.

In addition, the laser pointer leverages the etched etch surface technology (EFT) that MACOM acquired through the acquisition of BinOptics. The company said that this technology has the advantages of high output and low cost.

Dr. Fang Wang, President and Business Manager of MACOM, said: “MACOM’s new 5G LTE-optimized 25G laser series is based on the company’s comprehensive 5G support technology, once again demonstrating the value of EFT in achieving productivity while meeting the industry. Supply and cost structure requirements. For customers implementing 10G to 25G wireless front-end infrastructure, MACOM can provide 25G lasers, companion components and related application expertise to help them accelerate deployment time and reduce associated costs.”