Intelligent Laser Pointer Mature Application

With the laser pointer performance improvement and intelligent mature application. The intelligent micro-investment really began to break out. After the brightness was broken, combined with the application of Android system, the implantation of content resources and the relatively favorable price, it was able to grab part of the market share that originally belonged to TV. To say what the 2018 smart micro-investment market keyword is, it must be AI. I believe that friends who are concerned about the smart micro-investment market will find that AI must be one of the must-have features of Internet products manufacturers or cross-border TV manufacturers this year. AI must also be the main core in product promotion. Selling point.

At present, AI in smart micro-investment products generally refers to AI voice. You can use the voice button on the remote control to issue commands to the machine, make movie search, volume adjustment, fast forward and rewind pause, download application, open application. Download apps, set up notes, check weather, check stocks, and encyclopedias. Personally, the current AI technology function is relatively simple, and there is room for further improvement. It is a technology worth looking forward to.

Finally, the price, compared to other product lines in the home projection, the price of intelligent micro-investment less than 5,000 yuan should be more close to the people, making consumers more acceptable, sales are naturally rising.